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Professional DVD Authoring Services

Designed For - DVD Producers / Content Holders, Corporate Media Depts. Indie Film Makers, etc.


DVD Studio Pro® Project Proofing Service

AVOID Becoming A Statistic...

Be Sure to Have Trai Look Over Your Files Before Replication

Trai Forrester is the World's Acknowledged Leading Authority on DVD Studio Pro®

Trai got his start with DVD Studio Pro in the spring of 1999 when the program was known as Astarte DVDirector. Trai became the world's leading Astarte Dealer/Distributor by fall of 1999, traveling throughout the country, installing and training on the new system, helping bring in scores of early adopting studios into DVD Production.

Apple hires Trai Forrester as a private consultant in April, 2001, to help introduce DVD Studio Pro 1.0, at NAB. Photo credit: Lou Skriba

Trai introduces the first (and still only) comprehensive DVD Studio Pro Scripting Tutorials disc in July, 2001.

"Trai's scripting disc taught me how to 'think DVD' - Marc McCoy

Trai Founded TFDVD.com a DVD Studio Pro support site, in 2001.

"I'm beginning to understand. All DVD Studio Pro roads lead to Trai" - A Poster on 2-Pop, Spring, 2002

Unsolicited comments from TFDVD.com members, during 2002/2003

Trai collaborates with John Brisbin Releasing the "TFDVDSP Engine",the first and still only, professional DVD Studio Pro Advanced Play List Project Templates - early 2002

Trai released the "TFDVD-9 Maker" the workaround to DVD SP's DVD-9 formatting bug - summer 2002'. For almost 2 years afterwards, it's the only way to guarantee a spec compliant DVD-9 in DVD Studio Pro®.

Trai led the development of DVDAfterEdit, beginning in Fall, 2002. The program was originally designed to extend DVD Studio Pro's capabilities.


New Constellation
is licensed with
the industry's best
DVD Verification

DVD Forum License

The World's Premiere Authority on DVD Authoring Services and
4K & HD Video Encoding for DVD

In 2020, DVD is still proving to be one of the most profitable distribution formats available for businesses and independent producers needing to deliver content. However, all this depends on proper preparation and implementation of the assets and how the DVD is authored. There's many a horror story of discs submitted for replication by untrained personnel and getting out into market with issues consumers have to deal with.

Properly encoded DVD Video can rival Blu-ray disc image quality at a small fraction of the cost to the producer, and with much higher returns for the dollar than either Blu-ray or computer download, as many are aware. However, one misstep can mar DVD image quality, player compatibility or disc functionality, etc, resulting in expensive recalls and customer dissatisfaction.

When you bring your disc projects to DVDVerification.com, Trai Forrester, who lead the development of DVD AfterEdit in 2002, and who many in the industry refer to as one of the world's most experienced DVD authorities, takes you under his wing. Our clients continually report drastically improved image quality and totally smooth sailing in the marketplace.

Call right now to get things started: 610 924-9204

DVD Authoring / HD Video Encoding

Blu-ray Disc Verification & Quality Control

DVD Verification / Check Disc Proofing

DVD Studio Pro® Project Proofing

DVD Pre-mastering with the EclipseSuite®


Having DVD replication problems? 
Or, are the discs experiencing playback problems out in the market?    
Trai will  tell you what's wrong with your DVD, 
and how to fix it.  
Guaranteed. Trai Forrester is the go-to DVD authority for 
DVD Specification consultation and DVD production support.

Entering 21 Years of Full-time Support of DVD Production Studios, Worldwide

International Service Through FTP (or Courier)

No matter where you are, it is worth every effort to get your DVD Image into Trai and his staff. Using FTP - Trai can start work verifying / proofing / pre-mastering / advising on, etc., your DVD Image on the same day you send. Please contact Trai right away to discuss your DVD project.


Advanced Blu-ray Verification, Testing and Quality Control

Check out the line-up

Experienced: Trai Forrester led the development
of DVDAfterEdit

Trai introduces TFDVDEdit 2 at NAB, April 2003

The TFDVDEdit NAB booth, April 2004

Trai demos TFDVDEdit 2 at the 
DVDA Convention, August  2003.

DVDAfterEdit (originally named TFDVDEdit for the first 3 years) began with the interest generated by Trai's successful work-around (TFDVD-9 Maker) for DVD Studio Pro's DVD-9 replication problems back in early 2002. Through the efforts of dozens of TFDVD.com members (Trai's DVD Studio Pro support site) TFDVDEdit Mastering Edition was born, transforming DVD Studio Pro and all DVD authoring systems, by allowing advanced editing, re-authoring and pre-mastering directly from their VIDEO_TS folders.

DVDAfterEdit is used by DVD Production Studios worldwide - including by many Hollywood Studios. For instance, Casino Royale (James Bond film) was pre-mastered for replication with DVDAfterEdit ME.

"We have used DVDAfterEdit to produce several hundred DVD projects to replication successfully. We trust this system. The system is in use daily without fail or issue since the first test projects were produced on it."

Randolph Hudson, CEO Broadness, LLC. IDMA Treasurer, 
IDMA New York City Chapter President 

Trai brings this DVD-Video Specification knowledge directly to you and your team

DVDVerification.com clears for replication over 400 DVD and Blu-ray discs per year for some of the best larger content distributors:



NCT verified and cleared for release MPI's 'Baraka', the highest resolution DVD and Blu-ray disc ever made (scanned in at 8K from 70mm Film).

MPI has over  2,000 film, Documentary and TV - DVD titles on the market
DVDVerification.com is MPI's 
Exclusive DVD & Blu-ray Testing Facility
Regular services performed for MPI: 
DVD-R Release Candidate Proofing, Blu-ray Verification
DVD Check Disc Proofing, Consulting/troubleshooting

"Now, after switching to Trai's services 5 years ago, we can really see that customer complaints have dropped drastically. We are pleased with the attention we receive and faster turnaround time. After over twelve hundred (1,200) DVD projects with DVDVerification.com, we feel Trai is a member of our production team."

Dan Wood -
Senior DVD Author / Project Coordinator - MPI Media Group    

Music Box Films has some of the highest quality Independent films
DVDVerification.com is Music Box Films Exclusive DVD & Blu-ray Testing Facility
Regular services performed for Music Box Films:
DVD-R Release Candidate Proofing, Blu-ray Verification, DVD Check Disc Proofing, Consulting/troubleshooting

"...we are completely dependent on Trai Forrester's production and verification services for our disc releases to market. If something were not always EXACTLY the way Trai says it is going to be, which they always are - I would shoot myself in the mouth!"

Brian Brown -
Production Manager / Project Coordinator - Music Box Films

"Trai Forrester is a DVD authoring and verification genius!  We had the good fortune (and pleasure) to work with Trai on a major DVD project, the culmination of 10 years of my life's work.  Trai was extremely generous with his time and provided exceptional and extremely valuable technical support. He assisted in authoring our DVD from the ground up and our final product was delivered on time and within our budget!   Furthermore, Trai's reasonable rate and round-the-clock availability was absolutely worth the peace of mind that came with knowing that our movie was in great hands!"

Daniel Raim, Adama Films - Academy Award®-Nominated Filmmaker

"Trai saved our bacon. We had a 'job from hell' and even 4000km of ocean didn't stop him from delivering the goods against all the odds. Thanks again for all your help and positive attitude."  

James Ward - Underdog Ltd, London, UK

"When we started receiving complaints from clients about failing discs, I found the solution with Trai Forrester.  He patiently guided me through the maze of proper DVD authoring, demonstrating methods not adequately detailed in manuals or third-party trainings. My discs now check out at zero errors and navigate more quickly than before.  Trai's expertise in all things DVD has proven invaluable and has strengthened my clients' trust in me."

Philip Braun - PB Productions, New Orleans, La

History: Hundreds of MEI DVD-Video Verifier errors brought down to zero, during the course of several days: "1800 single menu pages, subtitle-links, index-programming, and lots of other "specials" - I guess this project really was complex, and Trai got it verified. No matter what day, no matter what time, even across "the pond", and beside the time-zone-shift - Trai was always there with answers, recommendations, hope and support - within minutes. thanx again Trai - we're looking forward to our next collaboration."

Thomas Wanner - SCREENWERKS INTERACTIVE MEDIA - Neu-Ulm, Germany

Sent unsolicited by email, August, 2004; used with permission - "Trai... The DVD Verification lab is a brilliant idea. I know a lot of people were looking for something like this to appear. Incidentally, you are probably the best person anybody could hope for to engage in that area.”

-Roman Voska, Owner and Principle of MediaChance and DVD-lab Pro 2.

"Trai Forrester has been my go to resource for DVD proofing and challenging troubleshooting issues for over 10 years.  In addition to video production, I do a lot of DVD Authoring for a major consumer electronics company with very complex DVD Authoring specifications.  Many of these projects take the DVD specification to the limits, resulting in bugs and issues we couldn't have overcome without the help of Trai Forrester.

Trai is the ultimate professional, and great to work with, particularly with tight delivery schedules.  He wastes no time jumping into your project, analyzing, and ultimately solving your DVD problems.  Particularly in the realm of DVD Verification and Proofing; not all DVD player manufacturers adhere strictly to the DVD spec, in these cases Trai is a master at developing work-around's to insure playability on a wide range of players.  

Trai has never failed to deliver, and always exceeds expectations.  In my Address Book I have him listed as "DVD Guru" a title he truly deserves!"

Bob Douglas  -  FX Productions http://fxprovideo.com  -  Boston, MA

"I've been working with Trai for many years now and he is extremely passionate about his work. He strives to make sure every project that leaves his hands is technically sound and will have no problems once in distribution. I have the utmost confidence in TFDVD Research Labs and the service that they provide."

Casey Mershon - Nuclear DVD Inc., near Chicago

Trai Forrester is a brilliant DVD-problem-solving hero. He saved the day, the DVD, and my skin. Please let me tell you about it.

Three years into post-production on a small-budget, multi-language, heavily graphic, interactive, 2-disc instructional DVD, our far-flung testers reported that, despite the authoring team?s repeated best efforts, the DVD continued to play very badly or not at all on some older-model and off-brand DVD players and computers in Poland and Mexico, making the DVD impossible to use in these instances.

This DVD had played better in the USA from early on.  But since users of older and grey-market equipment in Poland and Mexico represented at least half of our anticipated market for the DVD, these test results were devastating.

We were pretty sure from prior testing that the reported problems were not specifically PAL versus NTSC, nor region-encoding, issues.  So what was wrong?

Our Studio Pro authoring specialist gave up at that point:  ?There?s nothing more I can do, ? he said.  ?Either you find somebody who knows a lot more than I do ? and I?ve been doing this work full-time for over 20 years ? or you scrap the project.?

We hunted around and discovered Trai Forrester and TFDVD on the opposite side of the country.  Trai found and solved all of the DVD?s play problems.  Then Trai tested it on the company?s large bank of players, including known problematic machines that Trai collects for this purpose. At last the DVD worked perfectly both at TFDVD and then on our Polish and Mexican testers? old and off-market machines.  

... Trai made a DLT tape for each of the DVD?s two discs... and he verified the check discs from the glass masters prior to replication. Since early 2009 the DVD has sold in Mexico, Poland, and the USA without report of a single play problem. 

Next time I plan a DVD of such complexity I?ll consult Trai from the start."

Elisabeth DesMarais, producer of Chöd: Practice Demonstration
for Chamma Ling Productions
21 June 2009

"DVD replication is still not a foolproof, guaranteed process without some sort of third party verification. I have seen failed replication jobs that cost thousands, with client, author and replicator all fighting over who is responsible for taking the hit. Whenever I have a high-pressure job, I take it to TFDVD because I know it will be done right with the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and turn around time.

Trai is as relentless as we are in achieving the absolute best quality of end product, and I strongly recommend including his services in any replication workflow.”  

Carrie Keller, Owner / Lead Creative - Studiospace

"I highly recommend Trai for his services because when I was just clueless as to what was going on with a problem we had on a replicated title, Trai helped us out tremendously. He found out that our replicator was the one with the mistake and not my authoring. We ended up getting our money back from the replicator and the problem was solved. He has helped us out on more than one occasion. Thanks Trai."

Brian Stokes, Creative Services - Video Action Sports Entertainment - California

"On my first authored DVD several years ago, I tried for many frustrating weeks to test and verify the project myself. Though I came close, I never had total confidence that this project would play as designed in all the various configurations of computers, software and players. Finally I found Trai and have come to appreciate the piece of mind he offers through his services. He is a joy to work with and over the years has designed in many nice features on my DVDs that make navigation easier for the end user, and my clients very happy.”  

Steve Zehentner, Producer: 'Making Their Mark', Zehentner Productions, New York, NY

"We were in the final stages of a video project involving three different client organizations across two countries. When one of the clients could not get the near-final DVD to work consistently on a variety of DVD players, we were in a panic trying to figure out what was wrong.

In searching some of the DVD authoring forums online, I saw a number of posts from Trai Forrester, and positive recommendations from people who had used his company. I checked out his web site, and it seemed like the perfect solution to make sure our product would work on as many players as possible!

I talked with Trai on the phone, and he was wonderfully helpful and informative. I convinced my clients to let us go for TFDVD Research Lab's Premium Package to make absolutely sure we'd covered all bases for reliability and usability of the discs, particularly since we were using a replication company out of Mexico that we had not used before.

Trai was extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process, taking the time to explain what he was doing and what the results of the tests meant. His service was quick, and he was careful to maintain clear communication on testing status so that I could keep my clients informed of the process. My clients were thrilled with the results.

By using TFDVD Research Lab's services, I felt absolutely confident in telling my clients that the master disc and the replicated products were thoroughly tested and reliable. TFDVD Research Labs gave us the ability to implement much more thorough quality control than our small production facility could manage on our own. We are incorporating the Premium Package costs into every DVD project bid from now on. Very worthwhile, and absolutely worth the cost and peace of mind!”  

Dr. Wendy Kohn - President - Kwamba Productions - Gaston, Oregon

Indie Filmmaker"Our no-budget indie film project, DIVINE MANIPULATION OF THE THREADS, was a project that had gone through the hellish gauntlet of DVD production gone horribly awry...We authored the Dual-Layer Project on a DVD-R DL, and sent it off to the replicators. The disc came back, with a glitch -- a one second skip that broke the video and audio in playback. No one could tell us why the glitch was happening.  After three weeks of waiting for answers, the project was run through a different replicating facility after putting the project on two DDP discs. The project also came back with a similar glitch, in a different location. Still, no one could give us an answer as to the cause of the problem.

Someone around the digital grapevine had mentioned Trai's name.  I looked it up and contacted him through e-mail.  Trai called me within 30 minutes of sending the e-mail.  I was simply shocked.

Trai took in our project and dug in deep.  Within a matter of hours after receiving the two DVDs, Trai called me with the answer. The various project problems that Trai found were of the scope that should have never allowed us to master the disc in that manner.

One of the most important things I can say about Trai is that his work speaks for itself.  This man knows more about DVDs than the people that are creating them. He set my worried mind at ease with several updates during the week. He took it upon himself to find better ways to make the disc work. He found a method of transferring our Dual Layer project to a single DVD-5... completely eliminating the need for a layer break.  Trai is a consummate professional... He even called the representative dealing with our replication and made certain that we wouldn't have to shell out another penny."  

Bevan B. Bell - Principle - Rusted Sun Films

"You know those moments in life when someone goes above and beyond to help you?  It might have been someone that helped when your car broke down in the middle of the night during a snowstorm.  Maybe someone loaned you money when you were down and out.  You probably have a handful of these times that you remember for years.

Working with Trai Forrester was one of those times for us.  Trai's seemingly unlimited and immediate attention to our needs was astounding, and he saved the day.  Thanks Trai!"

Justin Bomberg, Owner - Story Me This Productions, Inc. Video producer for the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, National Geographic Channel, ABC News, and others.

"Trai applies a wealth of invaluable experience to his service offerings.  He helped me work through the many nuances of building a well authored DVD. Trai then provided a perfect DLT of the project, with documentation, for a 150,000 piece run for a major record label client. He provided extremely fast turnaround - FTP in the evening, project sent to my clients replicator the next day. We’re already working together on my next big project.”  

Duncan L. Hoffman - President - Dream Video Inc. Dallas, Texas

“We had a very complex dual-layer project, and Trai optimized it, laid off our DLTs and ensured that working with our replicator would be a smooth process (which it was).  He was also able to do this on a very quick turnaround, ensuring that we’ll be coming back to him on every one of our projects.”

Jim Butterworth, Incite Productions - Producer/Director of “Seoul Train” - Colorado

History: 7 rejections at the replicator's: " We worked our way up the food chain of every technical support center in the DVD kingdom–Studio Pro, Eclipse, etc–until they all said we’d stumped them. We’ve also received a lot of helpful suggestions from various online user forums. We chased down every lead, but still no joy....Less than 24 hours after shipping off my hard drive, I get a call from our newfound hero/expert saying that he’s fixed the problem. Yay!... Huge thanks to Trai Forrester, the professional troubleshooter who rescued us from DVD hell."

Todd Peterson - Tinywhale Productions - Producer 'Made In Secret'

"We had less than a week to author the job, and submit a 100,000 piece replication run for a client's magazine DVD insertion. The deadline to get the discs to the publisher had arrived. Success meant an important new monthly revenue stream. Trai worked with us on authoring settings, and then downloaded our DVD-9 Image by FTP from our company's server in the UK, ran through all his checks, wrote the DLTs, verified them and overnighted the tapes to our replicator in Germany; turning around our job in 18 hours (he stayed up all night). Amazing. The project was a success! Thank you Trai!"

Dan Brazil, New Media Manager - Digital Media Services, London, UK

"As I neared the end of the development phase, I knew that it made sense to speak with Trai about insuring that I could deliver the project to market.  I had created the interactive prototype on the DVD Studio Pro system, but due to the abstraction layer I knew I would suffer some compatibility and efficiency tradeoffs. 

Trai agreed to "re-author" the project using my assets from the DVDSP project using his Scenarist Pro system (to make cleaner Pan and Scan Menu wide version button highlights. Ed) and DVDAfterEdit program (post authoring from scratch. Ed.), to gain better compatibility and efficiency. Through last minute edits and changes, cascading problems, merging data, etc. (we were really pushing the envelope on this one), Trai, was incredibly patient and helpful.  In an art project, everything matters.  There really isn't an option for even subtle oversights.  This amazing project would not have happened were it not for Trai’s generosity, understanding and perseverance. I strongly recommend him for any project that really matters."

Ben Dowling, President Visionsound - Producer of 'the path of peace' - Sherman Oaks, California

History of a disc with playback issues in the market brought in for analysis: The replicator would not initially redo a run even though CATS testing showed manufacturing error. Trai proved the error, and negotiated (two week saga) a full refund including the shipping costs. Trai also re-pre-mastered the final Image resubmission onto DLT. “Hi, Trai... Is it REALLY almost over?!  It seems impossible.  I bet you'll be glad, too.  But ya know something?  Out of all of this, something really great emerged.  I have my faith in mankind back, thanks to you.  But it's not just me.  I told one of my best friends the story today, and all about you... Do you know she actually cried when I told her?  You've restored faith for a lot of people, and you don't even realize it. You're the one really bright, shining star in all of this.  Scott certainly has earned his respect, too, and he shines as well.  But none shines brighter than you do. ”

Lori Sheffield , Owner - 'LoriKnits'

DVD Encoding

to DVD

Trai Forrester's "beyond expert" Mpeg 2 encoding increases the image quality of your DVDs.

Quote from a large content distributor: "Trai, you are making our DVDs look like Blu-ray!"

  FACT: Most DVDs final video image quality suffers from incorrect HD down-conversion and Mpeg-2 encoding.

Call today to set up a free test encode. Prepare to be thrilled at the image quality of your DVD!


Spanish Dubbing Services

English to Spanish:

Turn your content
into a whole new revenue stream for DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Download.

Your entire project
is overseen by Trai, one of the most
trusted names in
the disc production industry.

We have a hand-
picked team; Male/female voice talent, sound
effects, audience laugher, ambient
sound and music mixing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Call Trai now
for great pricing!


New Constellation
Technologies (NCT)

with the industry's most
extensive Blu-ray verification analysis capability.

Nothing but the best,
for you, our client

The Sony? BD-Rom Verifier is the most versatile verifier for Blu-ray Disc File systems and Video and Audio Streams.

Trai's NCT is one of the less than handful of EclipseSuite Blu-ray® licensees in the world that isn't a disc manufacturer (all replicators making Blu-ray use EclipseSuite Blu-ray®).

Trai Forrester's New Constellation Technologies is licensed under the category of "BD-ROM Commercial Audiovisual Content". NCT is listed as a licensee, on this page

Trai has all the Blu-ray Specification books, and has been studying the Blu-ray Specifications since November, 2006 (still can't make a lick 'a sense out of 'em :-)